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Haidion Seafront™
Password reset

Haidion Seafront Password reset deployment architecture

Password reset service architecture
  • Seafront Password reset self-service provides an interface for the end-user to start the password reset process

  • User’s identity is verified with strong credentials

  • Service guides the user to approve versioned terms and conditions, if necessary

  • User can input a new password, which is validated against password policies

  • At the end of the flow, the password is securily provisioined to target systems

    • Seafront IDM can provide necessary provisioning automation processes

    • Or the password can be written directly into a user data store, like Active Directory

  • Audit trail is recorded


Haidion Seafront
IdaaS deployment
and pricing

Haidion Seafront™ is delivered as a hosted turnkey IDM SaaS service, with the guarantee that your data is stored within the required geographic location.


The service is provided with a fixed monthly base fee and a per active-user license.

Depending on the scope, deployment is either fixed price or billed separately.

For customized needs, on-premise or customer private cloud deployments can also be supported.


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