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Haidion Seafront™
Externals management


Why management of external users is tedious?

Typically external users without a permanent employment contract are not managed by the human resources (HR) system.

When there is no centralized data source available for external users, the management of externals is done by multiple people to different systems. This causes discrepancy in the identity lifecycle management and information about provisioned accounts and rights are document in different tools, if at all. As a result, unnecessary accounts and rights may linger in systems indefinitely.

Haidion’s Seafront™ IDM provides an interface to add users with an external's contract to the IDM system. External's contracts can be configured with necessary roles and rights. The contract can also be assigned with a contract period, so the identity lifecycle management can be automated.

Increase efficiency in external user management

Haidion Seafront™ Contract-Based identity management provides tools to both centralize the external users' identities in a single system and to delegate the management of externals to IDM main users, contractor managers or even to main users of the external organizations.

With Haidion Seafront™ IDM you can automate tedious account and rights provisioning tasks for external users, and make sure the accounts are also removed when the need for the external users' access ceases.


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