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Benefits of
identity management


Why contract-based
identity management is an innovative approach?

Until now, user's access rights have been determined by the organization structure and the person’s role within it. This sounds straightforward, but is in fact inflexible.

An organization’s employees can have parallel employment contracts, hold multiple positions and undertake substitutions in different units. While perfectly ordinary, this can make the management of digital identities and control of user access burdensome if the organization is using a traditional Identity and Access Management solution. 

Haidion’s Seafront™ is a contract-based IDM solution revolutionizing the way access rights are assigned to individual employees: not based on a single role, but subject to multiple parallel employment contracts, positions, qualifications and the organization structure.

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Innovative organizational awareness

Haidion Seafront™ Contract-Based identity management is based on the Role-Based Access Contol (RBAC) model, but it extends it with organizational awareness to support work roles and thus to avoid role explosion.

Haidion Seafront™ IDM excels in organizations where employees have

multiple employment contracts or parallel roles of varying lenghts, or where

there is a large circulation of substitutes or subcontractors.


Haidion Seafront™ changes the way access rights are handled

With contract-based identity management, you no longer need to create multiple identities or user accounts to individual employees. Nor deal with forms or manual processes when additional access rights are requested. And long absences no longer reserve precious license seats from systems.

Automation handles the mundane managerial tasks and ensures that rights are in order and automatically terminated when contracts end.

All individuals are properly authenticated, authorized and audited, making it easier to comply with government regulations.

You gain resource efficiency, improved employee satisfaction and higher level of data security while being ready to meet future demands with ease.


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