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Haidion Seafront™

– A new dimension to identity management

Identity automation based on person's contractual relationship to the organization.
Flexible and efficient.

Only constant thing is change.

Today's organizations are always in midst of change. 


Changes in working habits. Churn in flow of contractors or suppliers. Mergers and acquisitions. Changing regulation.


When this is topped with continuous evolution of the IT system landscape, organizations really start struggling with their internal efficiency.

Decreased efficiency shows for example in longer waiting times before starting employees receive access to different IT systems and can actually do productive work.  

With Haidion Seafront™ IDM contract-based identity management, you can ensure that your IT can operate efficiently in midst of change.

Read more about contract-based identity management on the Service -page

Identity automation

improves your organization's operational efficiency.

Centralized control

and visibility to all authorization changes improves your cybersecurity posture.

Timely access
to resources

increases employee satisfaction.

Cost-efficient SaaS solution

with easy and secure on-premise system integration.

Automate access rights by using contract data as the source

Haidion Seafront™ IdM lifts the manual management of users' access rights off your shoulders. No need to update several parallel systems and check and re-check that everything is correct and in order. 

You can automate changes from your HR or ERP system. The IdM then deals with overlapping access rights and limited lifecycle periods based on the employment contract and organizational structure data.

Haidion Seafront™ IDM in short

Haidion Seafront™ is a hosted SaaS IDM service that easily integrates
with your cloud or on-premise data sources and provisioning targets. Covers all your needs for a modern IDM and Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) solution.



Haidion Seafront™ utilizes the knowledge of the user's contracts and work roles
within the organization and thus avoids the role explosion that is typical
with traditional IDM solutions

Haidion Seafront™ uses a flexible connector framework to easily
integrate it into any environment.


Supports the management of all types of identity attributes and relationships.

User interfaces can be developed independently of the product using Seafront's
modern APIs. We can provide you with a tailored UI or you can for example embed
IDM functions in your service portals.


Haidion Seafront™ works as a standalone IDM solution, complete on its own.
It can also be used to enhance your current IDM system
 and help you
to get more out of your existing investment.


Seafront is ideal for organizations;

  • that operate in a matrix

  • where employees have roles in multiple units

  • where employees' duties change or substitutions are frequent

  • where external workforce is frequently used

  • that are undergoing a re-structuring, M&A or any other situation with simultaneous changes to contracts and/or systems

  • where the current IAM system does not support multiple work roles and employment contracts


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